Tuesday, April 2, 2013

iPhone 5 Is coming to TMobile Customers

Let me briefly explain my frustrations and excitement...

  I am a BIG T-Mobile fan (and still is) and was a customer of T-Mobile since 9th grade in high school. Since the iPhone 4 was released I was hoping and praying that T-Mobile would be given the opportunity to sell Apple's iPhone and make it available on their network. During that time I was getting tired of the constant Android and Blackberry OS platform that dominated the mobile device world (aside from Blackberry downfall in their OS system.). Some say that Apple's iOS is boring and the Android "Jelly Bean" platform is more interesting but for me that wasn't true.
  After spending about $500 for switching from T-Mobile network (in which I still owe $300+ left to pay and recently missed a payment) to Sprint network and to hear 2-3 months later that T-Mobile will be getting Apple's iPhone 4, 4s and 5 when my contract ended in December of 2013; I was highly annoyed. T-Mobile and I have this love/hate relationship on Twitter. Anyhoo, Sprint has good customer service but at some in-store service centers I do believe that the staff has racist undertones to their staff; that's just from my experience.
  I'm excited that T-Mobile is receiving the iPhone because it will bring sales, customers and a better network. It took them a while to get it I think because of legal actions between AT&T and Apple didn't want to give T-Mobile the satisfaction (from what I've heard) and didn't want to reduce the functionality of their phone and make an alternate version of it as well. From a business point of view I completely understand.
  I chose this article to blog about because I had complex emotions about it. What can I say; I get kind of emotional when it comes to technology and money. Very geeky right? Lol! All jokes aside I thought that this was very exciting news for T-Mobile, the brand and for their loyal customers. I may not be a T-Mobile contract customer anymore but I do support their business (even though their service stores are as dry as the Sahara desert. Their in-store staff is very humble, friendly, inviting and humorous.).

If you don't believe me just read the article by clicking HERE


  1. I know what you mean, Johnathan! I am also a T-mobile user and enjoy their low costs and no-contract plans. I had been waiting for iPhone for quite some time to come to Tmobile, but while waiting have since fallen in love with Android. I have a Galaxy s3 and could not be happier.

    Something to stay on the lookout for if looking to switch back to Tmobile however, is that I recently spoke to an in store representative and she told me that within the next year Tmobile will be stopping their "discounted phones with plan" services. To elaborate, most phone companies phones when new cost $500 - $600, but if you sign up for a 2 year contract, you can get the phone for $200. Tmobile is planning on getting rid of this in lieu of cheaper overall plans, but the customer will have to pay full retail price for the phones... so if you don't have $500 sitting around when you sign up for Tmobile to buy a phone, you might be out of luck!

    1. Yeah, The contracts was very beneficial to customers but i'm quite sure that the prices will be reduced at some point because of the merger with MetroPCS. MetroPCS service doesn't have contracts; you just pay a reduced retail price for their phones. That's where that idea came from.

  2. Interesting.. I'll have to keep up to date with it! Thanks!